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Dear friend who found me on social media,There are only a couple of reasons why you should join this newsletter...You should join this newsletter if:

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If the above sounds good...Then I might have something for you.But there's a selected group of people who this isn't for...You shouldn't join this free newsletter if:

  • You don't like receiving A LOT of informative emails. I don't have a set schedule. But I can send from once a week to 3-4 times per week. Sometimes even multiple times on a single day.

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With that out of the way...Let's get back to the good stuff.When you join today you get FREE access to Landify, our chrome extension that reveals to you the secret landing pages that million dollar brands are running ads to.Quiz funnels, advertorials, VSLs, TSLs, you'll find any page that it's currently being hosted on a site for marketing purposes.Here's a quick video showing you how it works:

Thought I was done?Not yet!When you join today you'll also get access to my 5 day guide to writing email copy.Because we know ads are great but once you have a buyer's list, the focus shifts to lifetime value maximization (repeat buyers) and email is your best friend there.You'll get one video each day for 5 days as a welcome gift for joining my newsletter.Hopefully this is enough to convince you to join!See you inside.

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